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Ellen Downing

Visual Artist

I've been painting for eight years. While being an artist is a difficult tug-of-war between my inner dreamer and critic, I've grown to love this process a lot. It hasn't just taught me much about the world, but also about myself.

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Get to know my art

My Canvas

I specialize in oil on canvas and abstract concepts.

While I've been trained in different mediums, I found a deep connection to traditional paintings. I love how it communicates so much of the creator to the audience. Ironically, the communication feels easier in the abstract.

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My journey

Woman in Brown Long Sleeves Painting on a Canvas

Education and Artist Residencies

  • Undergraduate Fine Arts Program at Trempleway Academy
  • Post-graduate Degree in Abstract Painting from Salguerro University
  • Artist-in-Residence at Salguerro Art Studios
  • Artist-in-Residence at Crystalshore Creative Retreats

Galleries and


  • Salguerro Sun Gallery (guest artist)
  • RKND Fine Arts Studio (group show)
  • Crystalshore Art Gallery (solo exhibit)
Close-up Photo of an Acrylic Painting
Wooden Easel Stand with Painting


Dimensions: 20 x 20

Concept: Secret Corners

Year: 2023

Everything is emotion, to have someone else feel the same as I do is a tiny miracle.

Woman Looking Afar While Sitting on Wooden Ladder
Red and Blue Abstract Painting


Two slots per month

In order to ensure quality and to be able to give my clients as much attention as possible, I only open two slots for commissions every month.

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Pricing and timeline will also depend on the difficulty of the commissioned artowrk. Feel free to message me for inquiries.

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123 Anywhere St., Any City

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(123) 456 7890


A Woman Holding a Canvas on a Wooden Easel Stand
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